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It has been so exciting with all the new upcoming news for anime/games.
One of my highlights was definitely the newest Hourou Musuko PV! I have been following this series since '07 so it still feels unreal to me that an anime is being made!

Please check out the PV if you're interested! I think the animation is quite beautiful and captures Shimura-sensei's art style very well (however I still think Takatsuki-kun's hair looks way too groomed. Makes him look derpy) The voice acting seems pretty good so far. I'm still very pleased they decided to use a 13 year old boy for Nitorin and not a girl.

And on to other couple-of-day-old-news...




*Full voice cast from the anime (Bern as the narrator. Goddamn.)
*Confirmed playable: Battler, Beato, Ronove, Siesta410, Lucifer, Kanon, Shannon, Virgilia, Eva-Beatrice

(Honestly I'm not too fond of some of the art.)


An overall look at the not-toooo-special but pretty nice anyways gameplay. Too many moves that are so awesome I can't even name them all. (Okay but my favorites would definitely be German Suplex Ange, Goat stampede, Beato's two towers and 410+45. Ronove is badass too. I just love how close it is to the novel)

VIDEO 2 - Live gameplay. Some "kimochii warui" Kanon groping action
VIDEO 3 -  Live gameplay. Beato/410 VS Beato player2/Virgilia sample fight
VIDEO 4 - Live gameplay. Best character select images ever. Eva/Vir vs Shannon/Ronove
VIDEO 5 - Luci-nee combo
VIDEO 6 - Meta Battler vs Beato

I'm hoping for more playable characters but that seems kind of unlikely (Rosa, Maria/MARIA, Gaap, Jessica+George would work too--actually everyone would work)
Zepar and FuruFuru are probably in the opening just for looks. I don't think this game includes Chiru. Although...seeing Will, Dlanor or Erika fight would have been too amazing my brain would explode just by thinking about i---BOOM

All in all,

THIS IS A MUST-GET FOR UMINEKO FANS.(it's out next comiket for 3000yen)

ahh last thing. I pre-ordered the Umineko PS3 game btw. Goodbye wallet ^p^.


Feels like I haven't been on LJ for like, ever rofl;
Hope everyone is doing fine.
Ehhh um, just some Umineko talk.

My tarot card was released with DVD 9 finally ahaha

Just waiting for it to be sent to me yayy.

And I just completed Episode 6 yesterday. Omfg Battler, Dlanor and Erika were so cute lol. Zepar, Furfur and Featherine weren't bad either.
Plus, this scene was pure gold.

Battler why so moe haa haa TpT. Other than that though, I was a bit disappointed in the game. It was pretty short and... idk. I don't really give two shits about George/Shannon+ Jessica/Kanon. The whole game was basically about them LOL.
I drew a quick doodle when i found out about them ahaha;;
cut for... spoilers i guess? Not reallyCollapse )

Baww but yeah, I'd write more about my thoughts on the game but my right thumb was really busted lately so it hurts/tiring for me to use my left. I really wanted to draw ep 6 scenes too gahhh too bad. So painfullll. Gonna go to the doctors to get it checked todayyy.




IS THIS FOR REAL SOB. What an awesome birthday surprise!
Thank you shout-out!Collapse )


S-someone made a video out of my DRRR x Devil survivor parody, how nice of them!
They just uploaded it on Nico if you want to see XD;;


Speaking of DS, I officially messed up and DIDN'T get Naoya's route. I think it was somewhere along the lines of IGNORING kaido and ending up with keisuke instead of Midori. I ended up picking Atsuro but...idk. Maybe I'll play new game+ for him... I'm amazed at how people could play this game over and over (I'm not really a gaming person orz). NGHHHH NAOYAAAAAA I WANT YOU ON MY TEAAAAAAAMMMMMMMM.

anyways, I downloaded the artbook and...ANDANDAND




....oh man. Naoya with the dango and half finished Jack Frost was too cute too.

Too cute. Just too cute.

Oh. i watched Up in the Air yesterday. Good movie, good movie.

Feb. 9th, 2010

R-rofl... apparently I'm going to this Supernatural convention. My friend and I are attending on the Saturday (for Misha Collins).
Anyone a fan of Supernatural or that actor? I'll take lots of pics TAT /swt

Oh yeah I just realized I never made a post about my last visit to japan XD;; I guess it's not really necessary... I'm too lazy to write up about it anyways lol! I guess one of the most memorable times was being in that secret footage room during that Reborn event.... and laughing at the fangirls screaming/bawing their eyes out when a badly done AMV was shown lol. I'm serious. We heard them screaming so much while we were waiting in line that we thought there was a -rollercoaster- ride in that room. Shit lol.
Ummm but yeah.... I found this while I was walking around in Akihabara(I think?):

Anything look familiar? Hahahaa. The paper was kind of big, I'm surprised they could print it like that from such a small resolution lol.

Nothing much ever happens to my life (been reading manga most of the time) so I end up only doing mail/package posts;; I feel so retarded aughhh sorry TmT;; I'll just do a small one this timeee

same old same old;Collapse )


Oh, and Saya no Uta.

Higurashi Question arcs: I enjoyed reading the Higurashi VNs. Now I just need to wait for the answer arcs that'll be released in Feb! I grew to like the characters a lot. I tried watching the first 10 episodes after the game, but it kinda put me off. So much was cut out (obviously)! A club activity could take up 30 minutes of your time and show up for 3 seconds in the anime LOL. Things were missing and emotions weren't developed ;_; Oh well, what do you expect! Look at Umineko anime cough

Umineko EP 5: Of course I won't spoil, but....damn, I feel so sorry for Natsuhi. Erika was a bitch but I don't hate her. Dlanor was really CUTE DESU. No, seriously I like the Eiserne Jungfram group a lot XDD And NGGHHHH BATTLER/BEATO SCENES WERE SO ROMANTICCCCC. Oh man, I found myself fangirling whenever they had their "moments" LOL /dork. AND THE ENDING. Cliffhangerrr. I can't wait for EP 6! Ryukishi finally put in a trap, so I'm happy LOL.

Saya no uta: It wasn't as GREAT as everyone said it was imo... but t wasn't too bad. Maybe I just started playing with a super high expectation lol! And sure, the concept is unique, but I don't think it mind-fucks you, nor did the gore give me nightmares. Saya and Fuminori's relationship is very sweet though...yeah. I hope my friend can cosplay as Saya so I can take a lot of photos...! vvvv I need to find rural areas though sob

ANYWAYS aside from visual novels, I got my second package from my Kikan S editor!

photos hereeCollapse )

Heeeeehhh what am I suppose to do with these. I didn't touch them since August haha. I am a pro at wasting my time, yes.

Anyways, I just completed Higurashi:Tatarigoroshi and man. So intense. I thought the first two games were, but I think this one is the most SO far. I know there's still like, 12 more games or whatever orz. I don't remember what parts in Umineko I actually cried at, but I teared up a few times in Higurashi lol. I feel behind since everyone already watched the anime so they know the answer to everything, but at the same time I feel glad i'm playing the game instead. I'll just wait for the Answer Arcs to come out before I try out the anime I think.

I'm a bit upset the people who localized the game, apparently  took out the mini games, some BGMs and stuff. I'm not getting the real higurash experience SOBBBB. But oh well, I'm still enjoying the game nevertheless. Ryukishi07 is really good at character developement and story imo. I loved the Umineko cast, but I think Higurashi characters are a lot more memorable and just... like, good LOL. Just like Umineko, I don't have a clear favourite character. Everyone is just likable haha.

Umineko 5 came out, but I'll play it after I'm done Himatsubushi. People said  Saya no uta was better than Higurashi so I'll try that out too if I have time.

ahhh the useless things you do when there's no tablet lol.
Oh, and yes, I have been listening to Maria's image song "切願のタランテラ " like crazy. It reminds me of Higurashi so much. I love the "ROKKENJIMA IN LOVE" album XD

Late bday post haha;

Thanks everyone for their beautiful arts ;w;
It really was a surprise to know that people would actually spend their time on me OTL 

I even made a little collage (h-hope that's okay;;)sniff

you guys are too sweet ;w;Collapse )



I haven't been on much due to my moving :o We're still packinggggg orz.
I gotta get a job ASAPPPPPPPPPPP to help pay!!!

...aaahhHhHhh UMINEKO ANIME IS GOING TO AIR SOOOONNNN. /PANTPANT I don't know why, but I'm so nervous. I can already tell by the screenshots that it's bad quality. /slitswrists ....I know it's definitely not the type of anime to become a "hype", but.... I still hope people won't be annoying with it OTL.



CONGRATS FOR GETTING INTO LANGARA pessimistie ! I was thinking of langara too, but I don't know...

oh oh I started playing Suikoden Tierkreis again. Well, I started a long time ago but just...couldn't get past 5 minutes lol... Anyways, out of pure boredom, I sucked it up and forced myself to give it a try again. So far I'm 6 hours in, and I'm still laughing at the main character's (which I named "Rueth") motor mouth LOLOL. Holy crap he talks so fast. Nnnn I was so dissapointed when I found out Chrodachild was a woman. So...so...dissapointed.... B-but at least I'll try to look forward to that hero 5-looking boy to come back :( At least he's n-normal.... 
Oh, and I named our team Orange company too, in respect to Jowy, not Liu.

But yeah, nothing original and stuff, but I guess I'll keep going for the hell of it. I'll probably drop it sometime... I have a habit of doing that with most  the games I play (usually 30 hours or so I quit lol)

BTW, is jale and the MC a possible "bl couple"(sad, I know stfu)!?? Is it just me? T_T Maybe I'm just too desperate in the beginning?? Something is going to happen to Jale isn't it?? ISN'T IT??? NO, DON'T SPOIL ME LOL. Glenndaaaaaaaaaaa you can tell me if I can look forward to any characters that I can pair uppppppp? *nudgenudge* ....LOL.